Corian Pendants

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This hand carved corian pendant creates somewhat of a dreamscape with a mountainous cloud, suspended in its own reality.

Made of hand carved corian, brass, and sterling silver.

Image 2:
18" sterling silver chain and clasp.
2" wide pendant.

Image 3:
22" sterling silver chain- no clasp
1.5" long pendant

To clean pendant:
Rub white corian with cotton swab and rubbing alcohol.

To clean chain:
scrub with a 1/1 baking soda and water paste and soft cloth or clean tooth brush-rinse and dry thoroughly.

*A piece a Day challenge*
A tried a true method for any artist or craftsman to find inspiration through a playful test of ones limit of time. Often forced to leave your comfort zone of creativity, a piece a day, challenges the artist to reach for new areas of interests, and relieves the pressures of creating the "perfect" piece.

A piece a day challenge really captures the true spirit of the artist, and through a quick snapshot, highlights their intuitive process.