Beach Brick Ring


Whether it be the forest floor or the sandy shore, we have a propensity to scan the earth looking for treasures to call our own. When we see something that catches our eye, we must pick it up. And when we do, we feel it's power, and hope that maybe, just maybe it will share it's power with us.

- one of a kind -

Made of found beach brick and carved sterling silver.

Size 6.25

*A piece a Day challenge*
A tried a true method for any artist or craftsman to find inspiration through a playful test of ones limit of time. Often forced to leave your comfort zone of creativity, a piece a day, challenges the artist to reach for new areas of interests, and relieves the pressures of creating the "perfect" piece.

A piece a day challenge really captures the true spirit of the artist, and through a quick snapshot, highlights their intuitive process.